Thank you for your lovely comments. I loved your blog by the way. Two points in particular really jumped out at me. First, “we live in too much noise to hear our hearts talk to us”, which for me in particular is compulsive thinking. Second, I absolutely love “ Life is very paradoxical; don’t be surprised when, in the middle of a challenge, you experience deep joy”. I hope I’m not sharing too much too quickly but it just seems right. My deepest joy came in the midst of a heroin detox. This experience completely changed my life, and provided the foundations for new beginnings. I am now doing research exploring the verbal processes involved in happiness, mindfulness, addiction, and the construct of “wanting more”. For me, life certainly is very paradoxical.

On the Tao Te Ching; going back to this profound text is long overdue. I think Jacob Needleman will be my next port of call. Thank you :)

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Change is possible. I write to show that. Author | Recovered addict | Speaker | PhD candidate.

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