Hey Maarten, this is great stuff. Lots to think about. I only done one year of general philosophy which was a pity. I will need to read up on moral philosophy when I get time. I find this stuff so interesting.

I did spend a lot of time studying the philosophy of science and language. This piece you wrote…

“there is this gap between facts and values, which seems to imply that our beliefs about values cannot be said to match the actual world (like our beliefs about rocks or animals or planets or whatever)”

…really reminds me of Wittgenstein’s early thesis and logical positivism, which I love. It would be great to have a chat about it some time in the future. But I might have to do a bit of reading around moral philosophy first ;)

Really great having you in the group. Values are so important in life. I really look forward to reading more of your work.

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