Consistency is a huge one for me, John. But there are a few indicators within that consistency. My number one thing (without fail, every day) is a routine based on meditation, affirmations, visualisation, inner child work, and gratitude (MAVIG). It takes 40 mins and then I go to the gym. Some people say they don’t have time for this. But my analogy is… if we are running an 800m race… yeah, they have a head start, but by 400m, I’m blowing them out of the water, and I keep going full of energy and positivity until the end. I’ve found that to be my leading indicator of success, and wow has it been working lately. So consistency all the way.

But I’m fascinated by your last one. I am finding this to be especially true with my work in Ireland. My speaking gigs are going great, and I am doing many things that no one has done here before, but there is a sense of something… I don’t know if I’d call it loneliness, but close… it has a lone wolf vibe off it though. Looking forward to chatting soon man. I’m out of the woods after 11th April if you’re free after that. GREAT post — loved it man!

Change is possible. I write to show that. Author | Recovered addict | Speaker | PhD candidate.

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